Galco Holsters Releases The NEW High Ready Chest Holster



Galco Holsters Releases The NEW High Ready Chest Holster

No matter where you’re hunting, there can be danger lurking around the corner. Two- or four-legged predator attacks are a real concern while trekking through nature. For this reason, many of us carry a sidearm. Unfortunately, packs and other gear can get in the way of your draw. This is the reason chest holsters have seen increasing popularity among the outdoorsy. Galco Holsters has now introduced another option with the High Ready chest holster.

High Ready Chest

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Galco’s High Ready™ chest holster system is the latest in an expanding line of torso-mounted hunting and outdoor holsters. Very comfortably carrying a large-frame semiauto in an easily-accessible chest position, the High Ready is ideal for protection when hunting, fishing, camping or hiking in bear country. Positioning on the chest keeps the handgun clear of gear carried near the waistline or on the back. This also helps keep the handgun dry when wading, and is a great choice for riding, whether on an ATV or horseback.

Galco Holsters Releases The NEW High Ready Chest Holster

High Ready Chest

The High Ready chest holster is constructed using Kydex, nylon, and padding. The Kydex shell is specific to your model of firearm and is attached to a closed-cell foam pad. The pad is wrapped in nylon for added durability. The padding contacts your body and is covered in Galco’s Comfort Cloth. Comfort Cloth is an Adaptive Performance Mesh that was designed to wick away your sweat. It’s held against your body using two straps. They are two inches wide and connect at three different points to distribute the weight evenly. Currently, this holster is only available for Glock pistols.


  • Materials: Kydex, nylon
  • Strap width: 2″
  • Compatibility: Glock
  • MSRP: $169.00

High Ready Chest

If you want to know more, head over to the Galco Holsters website. You can also get more news by following them on social media. They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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