Fishing with Balloons – Fishing Tip #2

In this fishing tip video, Josh explains the techniques of balloon fishing. Balloons are very effective as: a float, when using either live or dead bait, when you need to drift a bait out (either in wind or a current), visual aid, or when fishing bottom with structure. You want to use bright colored balloons that are biodegradable. The size of the balloon should be in proportion to the size of your bait. Balloon Fisher King balloon clips simplify the technique of attaching a balloon to your line.

Saltwater species to target with balloons include: sharks, billfish, tuna, anything in the mackerel family, tarpon, snook, cobia, permit, redfish, striped bass and much more.

Freshwater species to target with balloons include: muskie, pike, striper, hybrid, largemouth bass, catfish, crappie and much more

Filmed in Florida!

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