Boring Bolt? Check out the NEW Anarchy Outdoors Clamp-On Bolt Knob



Boring Bolt? Check out the NEW Anarchy Outdoors Clamp-On Bolt Knob

Aftermarket Bolt Knobs are nothing new and as far back as I can remember, hunters and marksmen alike have gone to great lengths to modify their rifle’s standard bolt knob in order to get a better fit or better performance out of them and their rifle. However, most of these modifications usually require some sort of permanent modification to the bolt handle which could turn out to be a risky mess or just an expensive upgrade. The new Anarchy Outdoors Clamp-On Bolt knob does away with the permanent modification and instead fits right over your existing bolt handle without the need to go to a gunsmith or attempt a risky modification at home that could leave your rifle in worse condition.

Boring Bolt? Check out the NEW Anarchy Outdoors Clamp-On Bolt Knob

Introducing the New Clamp-On Bolt Knob from Anarchy Outdoors

While there is nothing wrong with the standard Remington 700 Bolt Knob, the new bolt knob should prove to be a useful or even necessary upgrade depending on what your goal is with your specific Remington 700 Rifle. The hourglass shape should prove to be quite useful for getting a good grip on the handle with your index finger and thumb and the knurling (referred to as rivets) should provide you with better grip characteristics when cycling the bolt. One other aspect I think it might help with is for those who have arthritis or reduced grip strength and want something a little larger and more ergonomic to work their bolt with.

Boring Bolt? Check out the NEW Anarchy Outdoors Clamp-On Bolt Knob

Inspired by the Big Bertha knob, Anarchy Outdoors created a bolt knob that clamps right over your factory handle for the Remington 700. This knob will fit over any standard Remington 700 knob and adds more grip and style to your Remington. Our knob is easy to install and ready to go as soon as it leaves the package. The hourglass shape increases dexterity for the shooter, and the diamond-shaped rivets increase grip.

Features & Benefits

  • High quality

  • Produced from 6061 Aluminum

  • Lightweight & Durable

  • Rivets allow for better grip

  • Made in the USA

The Clamp-On bolt knob isn’t all that expensive at just $49.99 from the Anarchy Outdoors website and it also comes in a variety of anodized colors including Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, and Clear anodize.

Anarchy Outdoor’s new Clamp On-Bolt Knob is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, making it durable, lightweight, and available in different colors including Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, and Clear Anodized. The Clamp-On Bolt Knobs have an MSRP of $49.99 and are now available.

Boring Bolt? Check out the NEW Anarchy Outdoors Clamp-On Bolt Knob

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