ESL Listening Comprehension, Upper Beginner Lower Intermediate, Hiking & Camping

Pause Video and read these questions before listening.

1. Which of following is a complete list of the people going on a hiking and camping trip this weekend?
A. Wendy & Thomas B. Wendy, Marcus , Robert
C. Marcus, Wendy, Thomas , Robert D. Marcus, Wendy, Thomas

2. Who doesn’t enjoy hiking steep mountain trails?
A. Wendy B. Marcus C. Thomas D. Marcus & Thomas

3. Which picture best represents a steep climb? (Pictures are on video) A. B.

4. Who is responsible for making a camp fire?
A. Wendy & Thomas B. Thomas C. Marcus D. Marcus & Wendy

5. Which word most closely matches the word dependable?
A. remarkable B. reliable C. dishonest

6. Who isn’t a vegetarian?
A. Wendy & Thomas B. Thomas C. Marcus D. Marcus & Wendy

7. Who will bring snacks? A. Marcus B. Thomas C. Wendy D. Robert

8. Which is NOT one of the snacks?
A. Dried pineapple B. Dried apple C. Dried banana chips D. Dried Peach slices

9. Who likes to hike at least twenty miles a day?
A. Wendy & Thomas B. Marcus & Wendy C. Thomas & Marcus

10. What was the result of the “compromise”?
A. They agreed to hike twenty miles a day. B. They agreed to hike twelve miles a day. C. They agreed to hike fourteen miles a day. D. They agreed to hike nine miles a day.

11. How were they feeling about their trip this weekend?
A. anxious B. fearful C. dread

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