Juicy Whole Leg of Lamb cooked on campfire solo in the woods. ASMR cooking no talking. Caveman style

Hello wolf pack. I bring to you another delicious, decadent, dangerously soothing campfire cooking video! I love venturing out into the middle of the woods with my backpack and creating a mouth watering meal among the elements of nature. I hope you enjoy listening to the calming sounds, take in the beauitful atmosphere and have your mouth water a bit at the yummy meal I made. This was my first time making a whole leg of lamb, over a fire, things were cooking VERY slowly so I decided to use the caveman method again and put the meat directly on the coals. Who needs a grill anyway??
It definitely got it nice and crispy and added some amazing flavor! Hit that like button if you guys want more of these asmr style cooking videos & leave me a comment down below what I should try to cook next!

Thanks for watching 🙂

#nature #lamb #campfire

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